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New developments for the wood industry in Latin America

AWUKO offers a wide variety of abrasive products that suits your needs for the wood industry. Our presentations are, sheets, belts, rolls, discs, Jumbo-rolls.

A variety of minerals on our catalog consist on Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide and Ceramic products. Some of our special products are the wide and segment belts.

Awuko has a production capacity of manufacturing jumbo rolls of up to 2050mm wide, which gives us the ability to reach all of your industrial necessities.

Some of our most popular products are our KP16C with stearat, SU22SY panel Express (the leader for the Woodpanel industry), KP52F our specialist for Wood applications.

Exhibitor: AWUKO ABRASIVES Wandmacher GmbH & Co. KG

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