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Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH

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About us

WEBER - Quality „ Made in Germany“
WEBER sanding machines are characterized by the highest quality level possible and serves the wood and furniture industries around the world. More than 450 employees in administration, production and in research and development are working in Kronach on innovative technologies. In the Weber technical lab we are developing and testing new systems and patents and make them ready for the market. WEBER machine works are synonymous with innovation and high-quality machine construction.

WEBER - sanding machines for 100 years
Wide belt sanding machines and cross belt sanders for solid wood, veneer and lacquer sanding as well as high gloss sanding. Top and bottom sanding lines for double sided sanding of panels up to a width of 3200 mm.

Products and services

WEBER Compact category:

  • WEBER LCS - The entry-level model from WEBER for wood sanding and veneer sanding.
  • WEBER KSN- The multi-talent from WEBER for wood sanding, veneer sanding lacquer sanding and texturing in a new dimension.
  • WEBER KSN compact - The special model from WEBER for wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding. 

WEBER Individual category:

  • WEBER KSF - Universal model for industrial use from WEBER. For wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding. Also available as top and bottom sanding line.
  • WEBER KSL - High performance model for industrial use from WEBER

The premium version meets the toughest requirements in feeding and sanding performance.

WEBER Special machines:

  • WEBER M/MDK - Special machine for the board industry with operating widths up to 2250mm.
  • WEBER L/LDK - Special machine for the board industry with operating widths up to 3200 mm


The WEBER KSN series is a completely redesigned automatic sanding machine for wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding for artisans and industry. Up to 4 sanding stations allow for all machining variations. All the WEBER sanding and brushing stations can be installed in any order, to suit requirements.



The WEBER KSF series is designed for the industrial use and can be equipped with up to 8 sanding stations. It is ideal for the fast and efficient wood, veneer and lacquer sanding. All WEBER sanding and brushing stations can be integrated into it in any desired sequence.



Since other requirements are imposed on these sanding machines than on conventional standard machines, the design is clearly different.
The machine concept is designed for multi-shift operation and machine linking. The drive power per sanding belt can reach up to 200 kW and max. feed speed. The cutting speeds must also be adapted to the changed requirements.

News & Innovations

WEBER CBF Sanding technology 

A sanded surface free of traces of oscillation is an outstanding quality benchmark. For WEBER, CBF technology has provided the solution. It works using a crosswise running lamella belt which moves transversely within the wide belt station. The pressure lamellas interrupt engagement of the abrasi...| » Further reading 

WEBER Planetary head - For a homogeneous grinding pattern 

Regarding the planetary head, WEBER sets new quality standards for sanding. This patented unit ensures a perfect surface independently of the direction of the wood fibres or the shape of the workpiece. It breaks all edges uniformly during its passage. It can also be used to machine 3D surfaces, ...| » Further reading 

WEBER ISA/ISD segmented platen - For perfectly sanded edges 

Uniform sanding pressure on edges and surface is prerequisite for achieving good sanding results. The solution from WEBER: freely movable pressure pieces that are affixed to the sanding lamella always position themselves automatically flush against the sanding belt, the necessary uniform pressur...| » Further reading 


Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Bamberger Str. 20
96317 Kronach

Phone: +49 9261 409-0
Fax: +49 9261 409-399

Stefan Müller
sales and processing
Phone: +49 9261 409-41

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